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All Events

Inside Investor is committed to providing an environment in which key decision-makers from different parts of the world can come together and forge meaningful, long-lasting and profitable business relationships.

Our events are more than symbolic name-tag networking sessions. We want to ensure our stakeholders walk away from our events with the kind of eye-to-eye promises that foster new friendships and bond-making handshakes that are strong and sincere enough to sustain future business alliances.

Our desire is for stakeholders to gain a fresh and wider perspective of their ever-expanding business world and unearth the golden opportunities that present themselves within the fertile arena we have cultivated.
Our events range from small-scale tours by influential individuals, such as the Power Ladies UAE Malaysia Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur in December, 2011 or major gatherings involving global leaders, such as the Inside Malaysia Forum 2011 that featured the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Inside Investor events are carefully designed and crafted to make sure that stakeholders are exposed to pertinent issues and discussions that directly affect their businesses and the decision-making processes.
Even our delegates are carefully selected to ensure that each individual has the power and influence to have a strong impact on the business and commercial prospects of their peers, and vice-versa.

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