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The Sulatanate of Brunei has bought a 20 per cent stake in Turkish Yildiz Holding's margarine and vegetable oil producing unit, Marsa Yag, the...

Girl In Rice Field


Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore are the top three Southeast Asian investment destinations according to a competitiveness survey for 2011 and 2012, released by the...

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X-Fab is a German company that manufactures silicon wafers for mixed-signal integrated circuits and set up a successful branch in Sarawak.


Abu Dhabi National Energy (Taqa) has sold its seven per cent stake in Tesla, the US electric car maker, the company revealed on April...

Au Leck Chai CEO MFPC


The Malaysian Furniture Promotion Council is a specialised governmental body that promotes and develops the Malaysian furniture industry to establish Malaysia as a globally recognised source of world-class furniture.

Thai Industrial Estate


Thailand is calling for new foreign direct investment from first-tier investors as the country is rebuilding industry estates that have been devastated by the...

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The World Halal Research Summit 2012 opened on April 4 in Kuala Lumpur to 700 delegates from all over the globe to discuss industry strategies and transform halal businesses into active industry players.


Malaysia's second largest bank, CIMB, said on April 2 that has acquired a part of the Asian units of struggling Royal Bank of Scotland...


Singapore's DBS Group has declared on April 2 that is going to buy Indonesia's Bank Danamon for $7.3 billion in a deal which is...



The European Union is committed to its business relations to ASEAN countries even after the economic crisis in Europe has weakened trade, officials said at the ASEAN–EU Business Summit in Phnom Penh.

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The Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) was established by the country's government to support the nation’s aspirations to achieve a productivity growth at an average of 4.6 per cent annually until 2020.

Vietnam Airlines


Vietnam Airlines revealed growth plans aiming at positioning the airline as the second largest in Southeast Asia behind Singapore Airlines. The expansion's funding should come...



Indonesia is becoming a new target destination for international investors as the country's recent economic success story has drawn a solid increase in foreign...


Myanmar is in the process to award concessions for nine onshore oil and gas blocks to seven foreign oil companies, the Myanmar energy ministry...

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Thailand is raising the minimum wage for workers in a move to increase spending power and offset higher living costs. On Sunday, April 1,...

“Best time to invest in Thailand property”: Pace Development


Pace Development is one of Thailand’s leading luxury property developers. Their properties are in strong demand by domestic and foreign investors, with expected re-sale...

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UK bank Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is holding talks with sovereign wealth funds from GCC countries to sell off the 82 per cent...

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Plaza Merdeka is a large shopping mall and hotel development located in the heart of Kuching’s central business district. It is part of the revitalisation and transformation of Kuching's historic district into a premier tourism and retail destination.