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Firoz is a a writer and a trainer. She has been an advisor to public and private sector on various issues – ranging from strategy, transformation, innovation, communications, reputation management, crisis management and communications amongst others. Firoz obtained two degrees from Imperial College of Science and Technology of London and qualified Chartered Engineer in the UK. With over 20 years of experience, she has been involved in various sectors and industries in international public and private sectors and global academic institutions. She started her career as a chartered civil engineer by managing multi-million-dollar complex and large-scale international construction, engineering and developmental projects in Malaysia and the UK. Received MBA Degree from Imperial College in London. She advised a renewable energy company on global strategy and expansion and worked in the financial industry advising corporate strategy, transformation, expansion and communications before serving the Office of the former Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia (Head of Public Service) where she was involved in transformation, innovation, strategy, communications management and public service delivery and coaching. Firoz has led branding of cities and township project and also created branding and marketing strategies for new image of countries, companies, institutions, initiatives, products and markets. Her experience also spanned leading and facilitating organisational change in public and private sectors, developing and implementing communications and reputational strategies for organisations and governments. She oversaw numerous public relations, crisis management and other visibility programmes in public and private sectors including policy branding. Has and continues to write speeches and articles for several public sector, national and business leaders in Malaysia and globally. She continues to conduct media trainings and has done so for senior leaders including public sector leaders. She started several columns for the public sector when advising the Chief Secretary. Firoz also worked with and advised global academic institutions including Said Business School of University of Oxford and LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore and Nottingham University of Malaysia. Firoz has also been involved in projects involving Islamic branding and marketing which studied products and services, companies and countries. In addition, she was involved in the setting up and subsequently advised the Razak School of Government on development of public sector leaders and positioning of public sector. Firoz has been involved in contributing and publishing four books on the public sector. She was recently invited to contribute in a book published by the Institute of Integrity Malaysia (IIM), an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department on Ethics In Business. Presently, she writes, trains (on communications, speechwriting, organisational transformation, branding amongst others) and moderates international panels globally on topics which involve public and private sector investment, women, politics, business and social structures. Firoz has written extensively on “Ethics in Business” which is now carried by several international media. Read the column Ethics In Business . Her writings are also carried by Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and Huffington Post UK where she interviews global personalities on ethics in business in their industries. Firoz also reviews PhD thesis and edits publications currently amidst teaching and training.


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