Beautiful flight over Cambodia – on a drone (video)

Drone CambodiaWhile working on a a documentary in Cambodia in October 2013, New York-based filmmaker Roberto Serrini shot this beautiful aerial footage (see video below) of the country with a camera-equipped drone.

He traveled to the remote Cambodian village of Anuk Lang and realised that only drone footage could capture the breathtaking beauty he was experiencing.

The film reveals achingly beautiful landscapes, as well as the sheer delight of the villagers as the drone swoops past.

Initially, the filmmakers were reluctant to pull out a drone, Serrini said. “Many of the villagers have never seen a working TV or cellphone, so even the camera gear was causing a lot of excitement. We weren’t sure how they would react to a flying machine,” he said.

“What we couldn’t possibly expect was how much joy it brought all the kids; We’d never seen anything like it. They would chase it, run from it, make funny faces at it, it was like the greatest thing they had ever seen. It was like Christmas morning every time it was brought out.” Serrini added.