Cisco steps up Myanmar investment

Cisco Myanmar
Cisco Network Academy in Yangon

US-based network giant Cisco has announced it is expanding its commitment to Myanmar by investing in a channel partner network and the appointment of the first two Cisco Networking Academies at the University of Computer Studies in Yangon and University of Computer Studies in Mandalay.

The establishment of the Networking Academy Programme in the country is being supported through Cisco’s partnership with the US Agency for International Development. Cisco said its long-term vision is “to work with the Myanmar government and other private and public organisations in the country to build a ‘Smart and Connected Myanmar’.”

Cisco is also providing training and development to grow partner businesses in Myanmar. The two universities will provide students will critical information technology and networking skills to design, build and maintain the infrastructure highway and increase the number of job-ready graduates for the country’s information and communications technology sector.

Cisco will also donate networking equipment for labs and providing 21st century career skills training for up to fifteen faculty staff from the two universities to support the programme.

The Cisco Networking Academy programme is the flagship of Cisco’s social investment programmes worldwide. Networking Academy uses a public-private partnership model to create the “world’s largest classroom” partnering with educational institutions, non-profits, governments and other international and local agencies.