Eight Indonesians arrested as Singapore haze creeps back – Join the discussion

Is Indonesia rounding up scapegoats? Will the Singapore haze return?

While fingers have been pointed at both Malaysia- and Singapore-linked companies operating in Sumatra, the source of the hazardous haze that chocked both nations earlier this week, Indonesian authorities have taken matters into their own hands.

On June 25, eight Indonesia farmers were arrested, accused of starting illegal fires that contributed to the blazes, with law enforcement officials saying that they were caught “red-handed.”

Meanwhile, after Indonesian President Bambang Yudhoyono formally apologised for the international incident, over 3,000 soldiers, marines and air force officers were deployed to fight the fires on June 25. The raging fires forced about 1,100 residents in Riau province to flee their homes.

Consternation spread across the social media waves on the morning of June 27, with netizens reporting that the haze has indeed returned to Singapore as feared. “Think the haze is back in marina bay,” one twitter user said.

Another: “Is the ‪#sghaze back? Or is it just my eyes? Or nooooo its an illusion??!!”

However, the country’s official PSI readings have yet to display figures confirming that the haze has crept back, with 53-59 recorded for 7am on June 27.

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