Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business

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In this channel, Investvine presents a series of works of our writer Firoz Abdul Hamid on leadership and management ethics, which – in our times – are a quintessential tool for sustainable, trustful and eventually successful leadership. Firoz highlight the ethics issue from many different viewpoints and leads us to a better understanding of how true leadership should look like.

Reform – Separation of Executive - Legislative and Judiciary. These are some of the current buzz words in our political discourse in Malaysia these...

The year 2018, it was 9th May – I went into the day with much hope for the future of my country, Malaysia. I...

Ever been in a place in your life where hope and doubt is indiscernible? Been with people where truth and falsehood seem unrecognisable? Seen events where...

An interview with the Auditor General of Malaysia, His Excellency Tan Sri Dato' Setia Haji Ambrin bin Buang Prologue “Why should they ask me to put...

A poem by Firoz Abdul Hamid They say trust me, All I see is betrayal of trust, The planet dilapidated; nature wrecked in the name of progress, Livelihoods...

Is media a lapdog, watchdog, running dog or simply wagging its tail in a society? A look at the power play in the media -...

“As above so below and so as within so without” was said by a legendary Egyptian mystic called Hermes Trismegistus. This insight celebrates a...

Prof. G. 'Anand' Anandalingam in a conversation on business ethics

A conversation on Ethics in Business with Mukesh Kapila, humanitarian

Follow the panel of KPJ Healthcare's medical convention

I was watching Lord Adair Turner, the former head of the Financial Services Authority of the UK, on Al Jazeera discussing the topic “Has...

A conversation with Datin Paduka Siti Saadiah, KPJ Healthcare

A conversation with Dr. Rebecca Sta Maria, Secretary General, MITI

A conversation with Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, OIC Secretary-General

Views of the Chief Secretary to Malaysia's government. Part 2

Views of the Chief Secretary to Malaysia's government. Part 1

Where is the education for narcissistic leaders?

Socrates was known for his quest for genuine knowledge and careful reasoning. He cared very little for mere victory over an opponent. This could...