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Looking East: Setting up a base in ASEAN

With major shifts in Qatar’s LNG trade ongoing, the country better sooner than later needs a solid base in Southeast Asia to cash in on the thriving economy of the ten-member ASEAN bloc. Thailand could be a viable option.
Malaysia: Election delay daunts investors

The current uncertainty about the date for Malaysia's general election is frightening off investors and businesses from executing projects, costing the country "billions of...
Catcha eyes ASEAN online startups

Catcha Group, a Malaysian investment firm has announced it will invest up to $150 million in ASEAN-based online businesses over the next five years. The...
Philippines wins investment grade rating

The Philippines on March 27 received, for the first time ever, an investment-grade credit rating from one of the world’s major ratings agencies. Fitch Ratings...
Top fund players charmed by Thailand

Part of Southeast Asia’s combined economic might of $2.3 trillion, Thailand has curried favour with some of the world’s top fund investors as overseas...
Private equity in love with Vietnam

Despite its strained economy, Vietnam has emerged as the new darling for private equity and venture capital firms in ASEAN as a primary investment...
Exclusive interview with new ASEAN Secretary General

Le Luong Minh, who took over the five-year tenure as ASEAN Secretary-General on January 1, 2013, talked to Inside Investor about pressing issues to resolve.
Infrastructure investment in ASEAN: Doors are open

Investing through infrastructure funds is possibly one of the most attractive ways to take part in the upswing of Southeast Asia’s economy, mainly for the predictable and reliable long-term cash flow streams.
Manila casino operator plans $400m IPO

Melco Crown Philippines, a subsidiary of Macau-based Melco gaming group, plans to raise up to $400 million from a equity offering at the Philippine...
Financial hub

The Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFC) plays a pivotal role for Qatar's financial sector. Inside Investor met CEO Shashank Srivastava to learn more.
Philippines mulls sovereign wealth fund

The Philippines would consider deploying its first sovereign wealth fund taking into account the country’s sound fiscal position and deepening foreign exchange reserves, which...
Myanmar phases out dollar surrogate

Myanmar abolished its secondary currency, the Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC), on March 20, 2013 as per an official announcement by the Finance Ministry. FEC were...
Thailand clears $70b infrastructure loan

Thailand's cabinet has approved a bill authorising the Ministry of Finance for a two-trillion-baht ($70 billion) borrowing to fund the government's new mega-infrastructure development...
For the Philippine bourse, the correction cometh

The throbbing exuberance witnessed at the Philippine Stock Exchange over the years since the peak of the global financial crisis created a rally that may have finally been checked, and not a moment too soon.
US equity firm goes Myanmar

New York-based private equity firm ACO Investment Group has said it will invest $700 million in Myanmar in a claim that the country would...
AirAsia X IPO lined up for June

AirAsia X, the long-haul subsidiary of AirAsia Berhad, has readied its highly anticipated listing on Bursa Malaysia for June, AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes...
SE Asia markets down on Cyprus turmoil

Emerging-market stocks tumbled to a three-month low in Asia-Pacific and most currencies weakened on March 18 as Europe’s bailout of Cyprus sparked concern of...
ASEAN’s economic unity:  A role model for the GCC?

To pay attention to the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community, or AEC, is especially interesting for GCC countries, where ideas of an economic union have been mulled for a number of years as well.