Wholesale and Retail

Wholesale and Retail

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Myanmar Farmer

Japan is expected to receive nine private agriculture companies from Myanmar in the beginning of October, promoting the new investment friendly image of the...
LrDoha Skyline Nice

On October 8th and 9th, Doha will be the stage of the Inside Investor Forum Asia 2012, a high-level business forum organised by international...

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy and most populous nation, is likely to continue mounting global economic headwinds on the back of its youthful growing...

The 9th annual China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) held in Guangxi, China, is expected to garner extra attention this year as it is supposed to be attended by China's current Vice-President Xi Jinping.

Argentina has become the first country in Latin America to establish a parliamentary relationship with the ASEAN bloc, which further highlights the global shift...
Myanmar In7

To prepare for large foreign direct investment inflows, Myanmar plans to implement an independent monetary policy in the first half of next year. Cash...
Al Thani Ho Chi Minh

In an aim to attract more tourists from the GCC and to improve its own tourism infrastructure, Vietnam is seeking more tourism investment from...

The US Chamber of Commerce reports “overwhelmingly positive” prospects for trade, investment and growth in the ASEAN region, John Goyer, Director for the Southeast...
Myanmar Checkpoint

Religious persecution of Muslim Rohingyas and the continuation of conflict in the long-restive Kachin State have hindered main cross-border trade routes in Myanmar. The migration...
Asean Markets1

With only a little more than three years to go, the ASEAN Economic Community is far from being a concrete concept. Though the ten-member...
Chinese Travellers

China is increasingly projecting its economic influence on Thailand, with more and more firms engaging to craft a perceptible presence and rafts of tourists...
Indonesia Port

Bilateral trade between the UAE and Indonesia increased by 26.4 per cent in 2011, while investment commitment has multipled to more then $11 billion...
KFC Next To The Russian Market

Today the pulse of Cambodia’s capital follows the rhythm of construction mallets and whirring traffic. Offices, homes and shopping spaces are being erected across a city that hopes to detach itself from a gruesome past.
Thailand Rice

Thailand, the world's largest rice producing country, will send a mission to the GCC in the coming month to strenghten food security cooperation. Officials will...
Myanmar Parliament Meeting

Parliament drops controversial $5 million minimum investment clause and raises foreign ownership allowance from 49 to 50 per cent in its meeting on Friday,...

The delay in issuing Myanmar's new investment law has spurred the Asian Development Bank to express concerns about the country's attractivness to foreign investors...
Clinton Arrival

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made short visits to Brunei and East Timor this week to hold talks on political and economic issues...

The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013, released by the World Economic Forum on September 5, shows Singapore maintaining its first rank among the most competitive...