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Infographic: The rise of plastic surgery in the age of the selfie

Plastic surgery is one of the most popular procedures people seek when visiting East and Southeast Asian countries as medical tourists. South Korea and...
Malaysia is Asia’s heavyweight champion

Malaysia has been rated as the highest among Asian countries for obesity, after it held the title to be ASEAN's fattest nation for a...
Study: Malaysia has third-best healthcare system

A study by the American publication International Living rates Malaysia's healthcare system as the third best out of 24 countries in its 2014 Global...
US popstar Ke$ha gets show cancelled by Malaysian authorities

Ke$ha is a provocative US pop singer known for songs about sex, partying, and drinking. Such topics aren’t too respected by authorities in Malaysia,...

Former Director-General of Health Malaysia, Tan Sri Ismail, gives advice
Confirmed: Malaysia fattest ASEAN nation

Malaysia is the fattest country in ASEAN with its obesity rate on the rise, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said recently. According to...
Wealthy waists: The role of fast food in Southeast Asia

The economic rise of Southeast Asia has given vast swathes of the developing world increased disposable income to dine out more frequently and experiment with new tastes, such as KFC and burgers, writes Justin Calderon.
Asian Food By Akibara

Southeast Asian nations are more likely to export less food in years to come as their urban populations are growing, which increases domestic demand, puts a strain on food production and requires more resources.
Bhutanese Women Are They Happy

Bhutan’s fledging steps into the free market have allowed policymakers there to experiment with unorthodox ideas. The Gross National Happiness (GNH) is a suggested tool for guiding towards a more enlightened growth path.
Reducing Obesity

The recent measure of the New York City Board of Health to ban the sale of large sugary soft drinks has turned the attention...