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US popstar Ke$ha gets show cancelled by Malaysian authorities

Ke$ha is a provocative US pop singer known for songs about sex, partying, and drinking. Such topics aren’t too respected by authorities in Malaysia,...
Philippines launches survey on overseas workers

The Philippines has launched a survey on the number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), a major contributor of the country's foreign exchange, a state...
Brunei releases first-ever commercial movie

The first-ever commercial movie made and produced in Brunei is about to hit the cinemas in the Sultanate and set to be shown in...
Cambodia ‘unhappiest country’ in ASEAN

The recently released World Happiness Report 2013 by United Nations, the second edition of the survey, has ranked 156 countries by their "happiness", a...
What Malaysians really want

Malaysia's Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Dato Abdul Rahman Dahlan was going to hold a speech on October 7 in the...
Top 10 romantic destinations in Asia

Asia features a wide variety of dense forests, striking wildlife and pristine crystal clear sandy beaches. It is blended with different cultures, traditions and...
Malaysia one of the most corrupt nations

Malaysia has been ranked as one of the most corrupt nations in a recent survey by consultancy Ernst & Young. Malaysia, along with China,...
Kuala Lumpur readies for big MMA fight

Asia’s largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation with a 90 per cent market share, ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) returns to Kuala Lumpur for...
Infographic: How can the Philippines create 14.6m jobs?

The Philippines needs to generate 14.6 million good jobs by 2016 to uplift the economic status of jobless and underemployed Filipinos as well as...
Another new lethal recreational drug in Thailand

It often occurs at the southern beaches of Thailand, like on Koh Phangan island, where outrageous parties take place and travelers from all over...
The business of MMA in Asia should not go unnoticed

To many people, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a US phenomenon characterised by large, tattooed, aggressive men who brawl with each other inside a...
Ten reasons why Thailand has become a banana republic

Latest political and economic developments in Thailand have given many observers reason to believe that the country has crossed the line to being a...
Laos government urges Christians to leave

Despite constitutional protections, the small minority that makes up Christians in Laos are faced with either giving up their religion or being deported out...
No more Filipino maids for Singapore?

Recruiters in the Philippines have said they would stop deploy household service workers to Singapore starting from September 2 as long as their counterparts...
Cockfighting is a ‘way of life’ in the Philippines (video)video

Ferdinand Magellan first introduced the blood sport to the Philippines in 1521. In the tournament, 2 roosters with comparable weight or height are thrown...
Thai village invaded by monkey army

The invasion has lasted for more than a decade; hellish hordes of wild marauding long-tailed macaques are causing chaos in the Thai village of...
Obscure life of Philippines’ ex-dictator Marcos exposed

New secret documents revealed by whistleblower platform Wikileaks show the ostentatious display of wealth and the obscure sense of humour of former Philippine President...
Infographic: US students in East Asia

The graphic shows the distribution of American students in various countries in East Asia