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With only a little more than three years to go, the ASEAN Economic Community is far from being a concrete concept. Though the ten-member...
KFC Next To The Russian Market

Today the pulse of Cambodia’s capital follows the rhythm of construction mallets and whirring traffic. Offices, homes and shopping spaces are being erected across a city that hopes to detach itself from a gruesome past.
Burnei Iban

The Sultanate of Brunei is trying to attract more visitors from GCC countries and has intensified its marketing and promotion campaigns in the region. According...
Saudi Women

Officials from the UAE and Cambodia’s tourism ministry recently signed an MoU in agreement that both nations will work to create more opportunities to...

The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013, released by the World Economic Forum on September 5, shows Singapore maintaining its first rank among the most competitive...

Businesses from the United Arab Emirates show growing interest in investment opportunities in ASEAN countries, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia. A delegation from the Sharjah Investment...
Thai Rice

ASEAN nations in an initiative led by Thailand are aiming to intensify joint efforts in rice production to pave the way for more cooperation...
Asean Trade

Ten ASEAN nations and six regional partner countries have agreed to start talks on establishing a giant free trade area home to roughly half...
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The stock exchanges of ASEAN countries are attracting increasing attention from foreign investors with capital markets in the 10 member-bloc showing a strong momentum...
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The current low-interest environment in ASEAN spurs public and private sector spending in infrastructure, technology and skills and is boosting the capital markets in...

Myanmar aims to overtake both Laos and Cambodia in average income per capita by 2014 or 2015, Radio Free Asia's news service reported on...

At the US-ASEAN Business Forum held on July 13 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, home of the Angkor Wat temple, local businesses had to woo...
“Best time to invest in Thailand property”: Pace Development

Pace Development is one of Thailand’s leading luxury property developers. Their properties are in strong demand by domestic and foreign investors, with expected re-sale...