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ASEAN currencies in defence position benefit investors

The sudden weakness of Southeast Asian currencies, which last month retreated the most in a year after a series of fiscal measures in the...
Belarus designs tractor for Cambodia

A Belarus-based company has designed a tractor for sale in Cambodia, taking into account the "needs of the Cambodian market," according to the official...
ASEAN Economic Community behind schedule: Report

The hope for a timely launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by end-2015, which has long been trumpeted by former ASEAN Secretary General...
Spotlight: ASEAN nations beef up cyber defenses

Governments, it is widely agreed, must follow a mandate to protect their citizens. How much privacy they strip away from our online lives in order...
Spotlight: The cyber security conundrum – Join the discussion

Cyber security policies pose a conundrum. In endeavouring to protect citizens against malicious online attacks, how can governments ensure the public they are not...
The downside to foreign presence in Cambodia

Cambodia has undergone magnificent economic transformation in recent years despite a tumultuous history characterised by French colonisation, the extended Vietnam war, the following brutal...

Malaysia's largest state of Sarawak and Brunei's neighbour has been in the spotlight of Qatari investors during the June 12 launch of Inside Investor's...
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar: No need for copyrights

Three ASEAN countries for the coming 8 years will not have to bother about intellectual property rights. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) on June...
Spotlight: ASEAN cyber security policies – Join the discussion

With the revelation of an immense and active US-conducted global surveillance network made by former CIA employee Edward Snowden, the haunting -- taintedly Orwellian...
US investment shifts to ASEAN

As China and India begin to lose luster, private investors are increasingly setting their gaze on the diverse and rapidly growing countries of ASEAN....
Cambodia, Thailand to open joint trade zones

Cambodia and Thailand on June 12 agreed to boost bilateral trade and investment by establishing two special economic zones along their shared border, the...
Cambodia’s rice exports surge

Milled rice exports from Cambodia rose 127 per cent to 146,854 tonnes in the period from January to May 2013 compared to the same...
Few in ASEAN aware of upcoming integration (video)

The majority of the 600-million population in ASEAN are unaware of upcoming changes in the ten-member bloc, especially about new measures that are intended...
Apple’s next innovation to intimidate Asia

If anything can be said about Apple products, it’s that they are game changers. This week, the widely publicised Apple Developers’ Conference, which began...
ASEAN Timeline

The next big step for ASEAN will be the AEC
New ASEAN start-ups that hold potential

A look at the start-up scene in ASEAN brings to light that there are a number of fresh firms around that have high potential...
No single currency in sight for ASEAN

Despite lots of commitments for cooperation within the ASEAN bloc at the World Economic Forum on East Asia in Myanmar from June 5 to...

What is the ratio between unemployment and corruption in ASEAN countries? This infographic shows the correlation between both factors.