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Cambodian PM mocks US threat

Speaking to the press on August 3, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen blasted US threats to withhold aid money if the recent Cambodian national...
New Vietnamese media law comes under fire

International media advocacy group Reporters Without Borders has launched a campaign against a new law in Vietnam that restricts what citizens are allowed to...
Online video game tournament begins in ASEAN

South Korean online gaming company Asiasoft is hosting a monthly online video game competition in ASEAN starting in August and is awarding hundreds of...
China condemns US resolution on ASEAN maritime borders

China’s foreign ministry on August 1 issued a statement condemning a US Senate resolution that calls for China and ASEAN nations to exercise restraint...
Brunei and Taiwan forging closer ties

Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) last week met with the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan and agreed to strengthen bilateral trade...
India, ASEAN to sign free trade agreement

On July 31, Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam announced that India and ASEAN will sign a free trade agreement (FTA) on services and investment...
Mobile advertising platform targets ASEAN

AdNear is Southeast Asia’s first location-based mobile advertising platform that works on feature phones as well as smartphones. This unique technology uses proprietary geo-location...
Riots and ATM queues after Cambodia elections

After the Cambodian opposition rejected the election result of July 28 that saw the ruling Cambodian People's Party win a small majority, riots broke...
Brunei bans restaurant meals for all during Ramadan

In another sign of its hardline religious approach the small Sultanate of Brunei has banned all restaurants from table service for non-Muslims during daytime...
Will Brunei benefit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Brunei will again stand in the limelight when the next talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the "trade accord of the 21st century", as...
Japan on record spending spree in ASEAN

China’s slowing economy and a lackluster home market have encouraged Japan to embark on a record-breaking spree in ASEAN, scooping up a staggering $8.2...
Heavy losses for Hun Sen in Cambodia election

The Cambodia elections held on July 28 brought massive gains for the opposition party, early results show. While Prime Minister Huns Sen's Cambodian People’s...
Infographic: Top travel destinations in Asia

Asia is fast growing to be travel destinations for many tourists and has managed to attract people from all across the world. Countries like...
Cambodia elections: Opposition could gain seats

The ongoing election in Cambodia on July 28 will highly likely result in a clear majority for Prime Minister Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party...
Cambodia votes

Some 9.67 million eligible voters will cast their ballots at around 19,000 polling stations in Cambodia on July 28 in the country's 5th parliamentary...
Women could sow greater food security

Empowering women to reach their full potential in the agriculture sector could create unleash greater productivity, a report released by the Asian Development Bank...
Banking in Brunei – Insights from a highly competitive market

Interview with Javed Ahmad, head of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam
ASEAN consumers among world’s most confident

A recent report by consumer research firm Nielsen showed that people in ASEAN countries are among the world's most confident consumers due to dynamic...