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Realising Brunei’s economic potential

Brunei Darussalam, the country situated in the very center of Southeast Asia, has so much to give to the region. Not so much of...
Please – CSR is not Ethics in Business

I was watching Lord Adair Turner, the former head of the Financial Services Authority of the UK, on Al Jazeera discussing the topic “Has...
Vingroup bond prices capital fairly

Vingroup (ex-Vincom)’s dollar junk bond yielding 11.875 per cent on issuance late October 2013 illustrates a Vietnamese corporate paying a reasonable cost of capital....
Islamic finance goes West: How Brunei can participate

The 9th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) held in London on October 29 to 31 was the first ever such event in the non-Muslim...
Malaysia’s upcoming GST not a catastrophe

The Malaysian prime minister  Najib Razak's widely expected and inevitable announcement to introduce a Good and Service Tax (GST) of six per cent by...
How to annoy tourists: Look at Thailand

Tourism in ASEAN is booming, and many countries – possibly apart from Brunei – are making decent proceeds out of it. This year, Thailand...
Alternative to the fainting dollar: Look at the renminbi

The US dollar has had some of its worst weeks in months after series of bad news including the US government shutdown, weak employment...
Brunei’s brain drain problem can be addressed

Brunei has a high living standard, its residents are wealthy, the country is safe and clean, all infrastructure is in place and all public...
Malaysia has to face its challenges

There are some strange things going on in Malaysia these days and one has to wonder what the underlying reasons are. First of all, the...
30,000 Thai workers for Qatar?

As reported on October 16, an agreement is set to be signed this month between Thailand’s labour ministry and officials from Qatar to send...
Reaction to death of General Giap – essential investment lessons

The state funeral procession on 13 October 2013 of General Giap, the legendary general and strategist who masterminded the Vietnamese victory over the French,...
Brunei, looking forward to economic transition

Brunei stood in the limelight this year for holding the chairmanship of ASEAN, and the country has positioned itself well on the diplomatic stage,...
ASEAN 2014: Myanmar’s chance to shine

No country resembles a laboratory of political and economic development more than Myanmar. A country with effectively two capitals, old and new, in Yangon...
What to expect from the upcoming 23rd ASEAN Summit in Brunei

As Brunei's chairmanship of ASEAN slowly turns to an end, the country is hosting the 23rd ASEAN summit on October 9-10, the next in...
Datin Paduka Siti Sa’diah Sheikh Bakir KPJ Healthcare

A conversation with Datin Paduka Siti Saadiah, KPJ Healthcare
Travel feature: Stuck in Doha

Late September 2001, and the world was still on-edge during the weeks after the infamous Twin Tower attacks. What better time to open a...
Thailand, look how the EU deals with its farmers

Thailand has just prolonged its populist policy of buying rice from farmers at up to more than 50 per cent above the world market...
Why access to financing is complicated in Brunei

What is the most problematic factor of doing business in oil-rich, super-wealthy Brunei? Ironically, it is access to financing. At least this is what the...