Laos rents ‘.la’ Internet domain to Los Angeles businesses

dotla campaignLaos has begun marketing its Internet domain extension .la to Los Angeles businesses in a cooperation with Internet registrar GoDaddy. The auction is already up and running.

Laos is fortunate to own a marketable top-level domain as, for example, Tuvalu with its domain extension .tv. However, it has been trying to market it for more than a decade, but so far to no avail.

With the new marketing campaign, billboards are now sprinkled around the Los Angeles area set up by partnering firms Dot LA Marketing and the registry company CentralNic Group.

Domains currently on auction are, for example,,,,,,, talentscout. la and many more, all at a starting price of $100 with 8 days left for bidding as of July 10.

Of the domains, 99 per cent are no longer available as .com but still as .la which means businesses can get the name they want at a still moderate retail price.

It has not been announced what Laos is getting for the use of the domain extension. The tiny pacific state of Tuvalu in 2000 negotiated a contract with VeriSign for leasing its Internet domain name .tv for $50 million in royalties over a 12-year period. The Tuvalu government receives a quarterly payment of $1 million for the use of the top-level domain.

Which other ASEAN domains could be leased that way? Ideas?

Cambodia: .cb
Malaysia: .my
Singapore: .sg
Thailand: .th
Vietnam: .vn
Brunei: .bn
Indonesia: .id
Myanmar: .mm
Philippines: .ph