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Finding a place to call home

The new Commonwealth by Century excels as a retreat for young families

Anna remembers when she was sitting in the small kitchen in her shared flat in Dubai’s Little Manila district of Satwa with earphones on, unwinding after ten hours of strenuous work in Rashid Hospital, one of the emirate’s busiest.

At home time at around 10pm she used to listen to Jericho Rosales singing his sad songs about love and beauty, longing for home and desire for peace and happiness, and many times she couldn’t help but feel incredibly homesick in the evenings after eight years in the Middle East, eight hot summers and eight dry and dusty winters with as few rainy days as she has fingers to count. The melancholic tune made her thoughts wander – she missed her homeland with its familiarity and comfort, she missed her family, she missed Manila where she was born and raised in Quezon City.