Singapore Airlines discontinues world’s longest flight

AirplaneThe world’s longest nonstop commercial flight, linking Singapore with Newark Airport in New Jersey, US, at a flight time of almost 19 hours, will be dropped by Singapore Airlines by November 23, 2014.

The route, which is about  is 15,345 kilometers long, turned out as not being profitable for the airline, aviation experts say.

The carrier already canceled its 18-hour flight between Singapore and Los Angeles on October 20 – until then the world’s seconds longest flight – for the same reason.

Singapore Airlines’ total capacity in the US market will drop by a projected 16 per cent to about 22,000 weekly seats. As a result, the airline stands to lose its status as the fifth-largest Asian carrier in the US and drop four places to ninth position.

Experts say that this decision could spell an end to ultra-long haul travel of more than 17 hours as such flights have proven to be uneconomical and can only be carried out with the niche Airbus A340-500 or Boeing 777-200LR.

Singapore Airlines’ move leaves the flight of Australia’s Qantas from Sydney to Dallas over a distance of 13,804 kilometers in about 15:25 hours the world’s longest flight by distance and Delta Air Lines’ Johannesburg- Atlanta route over 13,582 kilometers in about 16:55 hours the longest by flight time.

The next three longest ultra long-haul flights are Dubai-Los Angeles (Emirates), Dallas-Brisbane (Qantas) and Dubai Houston (Emirates).