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European Union revokes preferential trade status for Cambodia

The European Union on the 12th annual EU-Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit that took place in Brussels on October 18-19 temporarily revoked its...
End of EU trade preferences could bring Cambodia’s economy to its knees

The European Union (EU) announced on October 5 that Cambodia would lose its special access to European markets under the so-called Everything But Arms...
New minimum wage for Cambodian textile workers: $182

Cambodia raised the monthly minimum wage for garment workers by $12 on October 5 to $182, fulfilling an election promise by premier Hun Sen. A...
Cambodia goes to the polls – government blocks critical news websites

The sixth general election kicked off in Cambodia on Sunday, July 29, with a total of 20 political parties taking part in the race,...
Cambodia PM unimpressed by potential Western sanctions

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen in a Cabinet speech last week said that he had no fear of Western sanctions against his country in...
Cambodia kicks out US aid programme

The Cambodian government scrapped a long-standing U.S. military development aid programme and ordered its members to leave the country. Phnom Penh has asked the US...