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Indonesia partners with Iran to build $3b refinery

An Iranian oil firm and an Indonesian company are looking to build a refinery in the southeast Asian nation worth at least $3 billion....
Petron Malaysia drafts $2b expansion plan

Petron Malaysia, a subsidiary of Philippine oil refiner Petron, plans to invest at least $2 billion in the next 10 years to expand its...
Stolen Nigerian oil lands in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore

Significant amounts of crude oil stolen from Nigerian oil pipelines and terminal are reportedly partly sold to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore in by organised...
Brunei takes the renewable energy path

The Sultanate of Brunei announced on September 9 announced that it will introduce a feed-in tariff model for renewable energy in the nation in...
Thai oil spill: Romantic island is ‘disaster zone’ (video)video

The (at least) 50,000 tonnes of crude oil that leaked from a pipeline in southeastern Thailand have caused havoc on the beaches of nearby...
Thailand: Oil spill blackens popular tourist beach

A few hours after Thailand's largest oil firm PTT and the Royal Thai Navy "confirmed" on July 29 that the oil spill off the...
Indonesia seeks Iraq refinery investment

Indonesia, a main importer of crude oil and its refined products in Southeast Asia, is likely to partner with Iraq, one of the world’s...
Brunei: Adjusting to new economic requirements

Economic growth in the Sultanate of Brunei slowed to an estimated one per cent in 2012, owing to weakness in production and exports of crude oil, which is way below all other ASEAN peers except Singapore.
Looking East: Petro dollars shower on Southeast Asia

The prospects of energy investment from the Gulf in Southeast Asia are taken seriously. From Riyadh over Abu Dhabi to Doha, every major oil player seemingly wants to get involved in the region.
Rich oil deposits discovered in Sarawak

Much to the joy of the Sarawak government, an onshore oil and gas discovery has been made in the state by oil firm Petronas...
Brunei Oil

Brunei's economy is expected to slow down this year due to a contraction in the oil and gas sector, according to the Department of...

Indonesia’s largest producer of crude oil, PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI), has begun a $500 million expansion project at the Duri field on the...
Thai Rice

ASEAN nations in an initiative led by Thailand are aiming to intensify joint efforts in rice production to pave the way for more cooperation...

Japan’s rising demand for expensive mineral fuels has resulted in a hefty increase in two-way trade with GCC countries, according to latest figures. Trade between...

Myanmar is in the process to award concessions for nine onshore oil and gas blocks to seven foreign oil companies, the Myanmar energy ministry...