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Thai farmers want less for their rice

Thailand's rice farmers, or at least their organisation Thai Farmers Association, have suggested the government cut the ceiling prices of the highly disputed rice...
EU grants trade preference scheme for Myanmar

The European Union on June 12 readmitted Myanmar to its trade preference scheme, saying it wanted to support reform in the once pariah state...
Myanmar’s economy to quadruple by 2030

If the 10-nation ASEAN bloc is to double its economy by 2020, then a large thrust of the growth rate will be coming from...
ASEAN’s island airports safety questioned

While ASEAN member states are pouring funds into their glitzy main airport hubs to cope with ever-increasing traveller numbers, smaller airports in popular tourism destination are missing out on modernisation.
US to boost Myanmar trade, investment

The US is considering broadening trade with Myanmar by waiving import duties on locally produced goods, Acting US Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis was quoted...
Philips to set up shop in Myanmar

Dutch electronics group Philips plans to expand its consumer electronics and healthcare business in Myanmar, bolstered by the European Union's recent decision to permanently...
End of EU sanctions augurs Myanmar rush

Investment and tourists are expected to come in droves following the European Union’s suspension of political and economic sanctions against Myanmar on April 22,...
EU set to lift most Myanmar sanctions

The European Union is expected to lift all sanctions on Myanmar shortly, except for an arms embargo, in recognition of the "remarkable process of...
ASEAN told to learn from EU’s mistakes

The Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) should "not copy the EU common market concept," a senior envoy of the European Union (EU)...
Myanmar’s conflicts may deter investors

Continued religious and ethnic violence in Myanmar could deter much-needed investment by fostering a 'wait and see' attitude among foreign companies and entrepreneurs, according...
Lion Air’s rapid expansion questioned

Indonesia's Lion Air, the discount airline that placed the largest-ever order for Boeing in 2012 when it inked a deal for 230 planes and...
Personalised hospitality in Kuching, Sarawak

The Ranee, located in the heart of Kuching along the Sarawak River, is a pioneer of boutique hotels in Sarawak. Inside Investor asked managing director Rosemarie Wong about the hotel’s involvement in hosting business travelers.
Lion Air places record Airbus order

Indonesian carrier Lion Air has signed a $20 billion order for the delivery of more than 200 A320 medium-haul jets on March 18. It...
US, EU step into Myanmar hotel industry

The Myanmar hotel industry has caught the eye of companies from the US and the EU, who plan to invest in the country from...
Expanding ASEAN: Five candidates and their options

ASEAN is playing an increasingly important role as a growth engine for in regional trade and investment. It is no wonder that several neighbouring states are looking into the possibility of joining ASEAN as full-fledged members.
Myanmar asks for more EU support

On his historic trip to the European Union, Myanmar's president Thein Sein on March 5 asked the bloc to lift sanctions against his country...
Indonesia textile sector faces challenge

The textile sector in Indonesia is likely to attract investment of just about $155 million in 2013, according to Indonesian Textile Association (API). Most of...
A look at North Africa: Algeria’s troubles

If investors weren’t already rattled enough by the prospects of dealing with Algeria’s red-taped system, it now seems that they will also have the added possibility of an Islamist militant resurgence on their minds.