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UK pushes for Philippine-EU free trade agreement

The British Embassy in Manila on September 26 pushed for the signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) between the Philippines and the European...
Singapore, EU reach trade agreement

The European Union and Singapore submitted for approval on September 20 one of the world's most comprehensive free trade agreements, which the EU sees...
Vietnam’s shrimp exports surge 15%

Vietnam expects to earn around $2.6 billion from shrimp exports in 2013, up by 15 per cent over 2012, according to the Vietnam Association...
US renews ban on gems from Myanmar

The US on September 4 renewed a ban on the import of gems from Myanmar despite otherwise normalised relations with the formerly military-ruled country. US...
ASEAN textile exports to US, EU shrinking

Exports of textiles and garments of ASEAN member countries to the US and European Union markets declined in 2012, the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF)...
Thoughts on Thailand

Kan Yuenyong, director of Siam Intelligence Unit, speaks out
US extends ban on Myanmar gems

The US on August 7 renewed a ban on the import of gems from Myanmar, mainly rubies and jade, in a bid to choke...
Cambodia rice exports set to double

Unlike Thailand's, neighbour Cambodia's rice exports have been surging over the first 7 months of 2013 and already surpassed the total figure achieved for...
China still center stage in Myanmar

As a no-questions-asked investor, China has been a clever bedfellow with Myanmar, notably the former military junta, a history that skewers sentiment negatively amid...
Cambodia’s textile industry grew 32%

The garment sector in Cambodia, which has been under fire for poor labour conditions and safety issues recently, reported exports worth $1.56 billion in...
Emirates, ANA look into Philippine Airlines stake

Loss-making Philippine Airlines is on the outlook for partnerships and new investors after majority owner San Miguel Corporation said that it wants to reduce...
Myanmar, Hong Kong to negotiate investment pact

During a visit of Hong Kong's financial secretary John Tsang in Myanmar on June 26, both governments agreed on negotiations about a bilateral investment...
Thai farmers want less for their rice

Thailand's rice farmers, or at least their organisation Thai Farmers Association, have suggested the government cut the ceiling prices of the highly disputed rice...
EU grants trade preference scheme for Myanmar

The European Union on June 12 readmitted Myanmar to its trade preference scheme, saying it wanted to support reform in the once pariah state...
Myanmar’s economy to quadruple by 2030

If the 10-nation ASEAN bloc is to double its economy by 2020, then a large thrust of the growth rate will be coming from...
ASEAN’s island airports safety questioned

While ASEAN member states are pouring funds into their glitzy main airport hubs to cope with ever-increasing traveller numbers, smaller airports in popular tourism destination are missing out on modernisation.
US to boost Myanmar trade, investment

The US is considering broadening trade with Myanmar by waiving import duties on locally produced goods, Acting US Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis was quoted...
Philips to set up shop in Myanmar

Dutch electronics group Philips plans to expand its consumer electronics and healthcare business in Myanmar, bolstered by the European Union's recent decision to permanently...