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Thailand’s weak education system a big drawback for development

Thailand’s outdated and somewhat defunct education system is holding back a new generation from becoming productive and innovative, it turned out in the new...
Singapore beats London, New York, San Francisco as best smart city

Singapore tops the list of the world's best performing smart cities ahead of London, New York, San Francisco and Chicago in a new study...
Malaysia getting closer to high-income status, says IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest country report on Malaysia concluded that the nation is "well on its way to achieving high-income...
Thailand Students

While Southeast Asia is certainly a strong economic force, some countries in the region are struggling to train and educate their people, not because of a lack of attention to the matter, but because of limited budgets.

If Malaysia wishes to attain developed nation status by 2020, as is the government’s goal, its productive growth must grow by at least 5%...