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Vietnam to cooperate with Qatar in food security

Vietnam and Qatar have decided to work closer in the field of food security as the Middle East country is looking for new import...
Vietnam seafood exports surge 25% in first 7 months

In the first seven months of 2014, Vietnam exported 24.5 per cent more seafood than the in the previous year. Seafood exports to the...
Thailand’s shrimp exports expected to recover

Thailand, formerly the world's largest exporter of shrimp, sees a recovery in exports after a disease and lower global demand caused shrimp exports plummet...
EU to ban fish imports from Cambodia

Cambodia, together with Guinea, Belize, South Korea, Ghana and Curaçao, have been warned by the European Union in its first major sanction against nations...
Vietnam’s shrimp exports surge 15%

Vietnam expects to earn around $2.6 billion from shrimp exports in 2013, up by 15 per cent over 2012, according to the Vietnam Association...
Thailand’s shrimp export set to decline by half

After losing its status as the world's largest rice exporter, Thailand's external trade is now shaken by an additional problem: The industry has been...