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Indonesia’s First Lady gets criticised for comment

“Stupid”. This was the comment left by the wife of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on October 18 after an exchange on the online...
A government that delivers

Interview with Dr Ali Hamsa, Chief Secretary, Government of Malaysia
Heartbreaking Thai commercial goes viral (video)video

An amazing TV commercial by Thailand's mobile phone operator True Move has warmed the hearts of more than 1.5 million viewers in four days...
Teckler: Content sharing as a business model

Teckler is a web portal that represents an innovative way in which users and a publishing platform based on advertising partner together, giving life...
Sina Weibo starts Southeast Asia expansion

The popular Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo, often seen as a Chinese hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, has launched a company called Trend Media...
Thailand cracks down on Facebook users

As the government braces for more political protests this week, police in Thailand have charged four people with causing panic by spreading rumours of a...
Twitter adds abuse-reporting function

Twitter announced on July 29 that it will now be easier for users to report harassment and abuse from other users. This announcement comes...
Squeeze-out in cyberspace: Facebook vs. ASEAN social media

Southeast Asians love Facebook. Indonesia has 64 million total Facebook users, Bangkok is the city with the most Facebook users per capita and Vietnam...
Indonesia’s president scores high on social media

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made it to a celebrity on Twitter where he has gained nearly 2.7 million followers as of July 6...
Thailand’s internet users set to double

Far from being a land of ascetic Buddhist norms, today Thailand is one of the most connected countries in the region. As of July...
Ten radical tips to protect data privacy

After Forbes Magazine presented a list of "10 Incredibly Simple Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Privacy" that has been much sneered...
Our series: Ethics in Business – Where is the education for narcissistic leaders?

Where is the education for narcissistic leaders?
Thailand falls for e-commerce through tablets

Launched as a classifieds site 14 years ago, today Tarad is Thailand’s largest e-commerce portal, acting as a platform for countless SMEs in the...
Jakarta is Twitter capital of the world

While Bangkok is the global number one city in terms of Facebook users, Jakarta has fallen in love with Twitter: Indonesia's capital contributed about...
Ethics in Business: A take on business ethics in the US

Datuk Nicholas Zefferys, a prominent figure in Malaysia's business circles, provides his insights on how businesses are conducted and how he evaluates the general role of ethics in business in the US.
Lynas Malaysia wins court battle

Australia’s Lynas Corp saw shares jump as high as 5.1 per cent on March 19 after the Federal Court of Malaysia upheld a decision...

A massive growth of social media users in Thailand has made Bangkok the "Facebook capital of the world", according to statistics by Socialbrakers.com, a...
Arjuni Hair

Backed by seed capital from a Japanese investment fund, Phnom Penh-based Arjuni Ltd has set up a buzzing e-commerce business selling natural hair extensions...