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Singapore seeks UNESCO status for hawker centers – Malaysians not amused

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his speech at the republic's National Day Rally on August 19 said that the city state will...
Bangkok street food vendor gets Michelin star

A street food vendor in Bangkok's old town received a Michelin star in the inaugural edition of the Michelin guide for the Thai capital,...
Thai street vendors adopt digital payment system

Bangkok’s street hawkers, including cloth and food sellers, are joining the digital revolution as some of them started adopting new digital payment systems based...
Thai government backpedals in anti-street food crusade

Amid a wave of criticism and protests from consumers and vendors alike over the Thai government's planned cleanup of Bangkok's street food stalls, the...
Bangkok set to lose a core attraction – street food

In what has been labeled a cleanup of sidewalks for convenience and hygiene reasons, Thailand's junta through the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration plans to eliminate...
Singapore hawkers get Michelin award

Singapore street food stalls have been singled out by the Michelin Guide, the most influential international restaurant guide, for their food excellence. Seventeen hawkers were...