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United Nations World Tourism Organisation

Climate change growing issue for Philippine tourism

Tourism may be one of the easiest means to achieve inclusive growth in the Philippines, but extreme weather conditions such as typhoon Yolanda threaten...
Malaysia’s creative tourism numbers

The Malaysian government has recently launched the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign in a bid to lure higher numbers of tourists from abroad. Technically, with...
Malaysia to earn $52 billion from tourism by 2020

Malaysia is expected to earn $52 billion from the targeted 36 million tourist arrivals by 2020 under the Malaysia Tourism Transformational Plan (MTTP), Tourism...
Tourist numbers to Indonesia increase 6.4%

The number of foreign tourist to Indonesia, who were mainly visiting Jakarta, Bali and Batam, has increased by 6.4 per cent from January to...
Wave of violence threatens Malaysia’s image

In mid-June when a netizen-hyped list named Kuala Lumpur as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, local media quickly came forward...