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Vietnam exports

Demise of Samsung’s Note 7 phone to significantly hurt Vietnam’s exports

The decision of South Korean electronics giant Samsung to stop producing its flagship Galaxy Note 7 worldwide may adversely affect the export revenue of...
Vietnam’s export growth to ASEAN falls sharply

Vietnam’s exports to its ASEAN partners have fallen despite a free trade agreement inked in 2010. According to the Vietnam Customs’ statistics, the growth...
Vietnam reports $2.13 billion trade deficit with ASEAN

Vietnam ran up a trade deficit of $2.13 billion with other ASEAN members in the first nine months of this year, or 15.5 per...
Vietnam’s exports grow, but prices remain challenging

Vietnam's economy seems to get back on track, given the latest export figures. The Ministry of Industry and Trade on September 3 has estimated...
Vietnam economy recovers, but high growth uncertain

It appears Vietnam’s economy may be moving out of the emergency room. A recent report by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has...