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Alex Dunlop

Alex is an operations manager for a global airline with over 10 years in the field. As an investor, Alex has specialised in emerging and frontier market analysis and research since 2000. Alex commutes back and forth between Buenos Aires, Argentina where his wife and children live, and Washington DC, where he works.
Soaring Singapore property sends bank outlook to “negative”


On July 15, Moody’s Investors Service cut the outlook for Singapore’s banking sector from “stable” to “negative” in a rare move not seen since...

ADB trims Asia growth outlook


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on July 16 trimmed its growth outlook for developing Asia for 2013-2014 due to an ongoing slowdown in China,...

Emerging market growth slows to over four-year low: HSBC


Emerging market economic activity grew at the slowest pace in over four years according to a monthly report published by HSBC Holdings PLC dated...

FDI into emerging markets beats developed markets


Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into emerging market economies exceeded inflows into developed market economies for the first time last year, according to the...

Foreign investors flock to Vietnam stocks


Since the top of 2013 through June 5, foreign investors have been net buyers of $244 million in Vietnamese stocks, the largest year-to-date purchases by since 2008.

High hopes for UAE, Qatar market status upgrade


After five years in a row of missed opportunities, the UAE and Qatar are under consideration for a reclassification from their current frontier market status to that of emerging market, a move deemed overdue by some.