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Justin Calderon

Justin Calderon is a research analyst for Inside Investor based in Manila, Philippines. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek (Japan), CNN Travel, GlobalPost, Global Times and The Nation (Bangkok). Living in and out of Asia since 2006, Justin spent two years in Shanghai working for a popular B2B magazine. He also hunkered himself down in Taipei for two years to teach English and study traditional Chinese characters. He is a Mandarin and Thai reader and speaker.
Thailand’s financial know-how most improved in ASEAN


Thailand has proven to be increasingly curious about the arcane world of finance, ranked the most improved in financial literacy among the 16 Asia-Pacific...

Philippines: Poultry with prospects


An interview with San Miguel Pure Foods' president Rita Palabyab

China: Digging out the wealth deep within


Targeting high rollers in the Asia-Pacific to pitch your latest, most inspired service or product? You’d be right-minded to set your scopes on China,...

Malaysia’s Ranhill in year’s second top listing


Malaysia’s Ranhill Energy & Resources Bhd, an oil and gas giant, made Malaysia’s second largest share sale of 2013 by raising a grand $236.8...

Singapore, China big burger business for Jollibee


Philippine food and beverage conglomerate Jollibee Food Corporation’s first Singapore outlet is turning out to be a cash cow. The store, which opened in...

Myanmar pledges to free all political prisoners


In Myanmar’s next wave of historical reforms, the former pariah nation has not only owned up to harbouring prisoners incarcerated due to their beliefs,...

Myanmar faces down its own Hitler fascination


The recent airtime Hitler has been getting in Thailand (first at a chicken restaurant, then a prestigious university) is nothing new to Myanmar. In front...

Top 5 transactions leading ASEAN’s M&A trend


The World Bank has long underscored the economic importance of Southeast Asia, a top global growth engine, because of its burgeoning middle classes and...

Philippines emerging onto favourable manufacturing track


The sadly immature Philippine manufacturing sector is beginning to show its capable of more than just baby steps. The jobs-starved nation has captured the...

ASEAN’s growing population: Many new mouths to feed


ASEAN's overall population is exploding. Whether this is good or bad is dependent on the country. While large populations can be viewed as adding...

Malaysia: An ASEAN tech hub?


Listen up Malaysians: If you find yourself hankering for the latest Apple gadget, it turns out you don’t have to look far for a...

Japan yakuza: How about your mafia magazines, ASEAN?


Every business needs to have a handle on communication with their employees, even organized crime syndicates, it now appears. Japanese media has reported that...

Tagaytay: Reaching the Philippines’ boiling point


“Balance, balance,” coached the jockey, all the while yelping her own coded commands at my sturdy blonde-haired mare. Somehow, until this day, I would...

Toshiba, KDDI to equip Myanmar bourse with data center


Reality is trying to play tough catch up with the madcap economic renewal being undergone in Myanmar, and the Japanese are at the fore...

Six ways CEOs can foster creativity in Asia


In small and medium enterprises (SME), a top provider of new jobs, the law of the land has and will always be innovate or...

Artificial sun: China opens world’s largest building (video)video


The Chinese city of Chengdu in Sichuan province has opened the world’s largest man-made structure, housing hotels, shopping complexes, offices, a replica of a...

Philippines prepares for AEC integration


Two governmental agencies in the Philippines along with key members of the business community have created a public-private technical working group (TWG) to address...

US embraces Myanmar to absorb Chinese influence


China is quickly losing its footing in Myanmar. No longer the subject of international castigation, the Southeast Asian nation, once firmly held in the...