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Laurence Bradford

Laurence Bradford is a passionate writer about Southeast Asia. Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, US, her love affair with the region started in 2011 when she moved to Shanghai to study the history of modern China. Later on, she relocated to Bangkok to teach English and acted as an International Economic Relations Programme Intern at Thailand Development Research Institute. She has traveled extensively in the region and shares her experiences and views on Investvine, as well as on her own blog - Her specialties include Asian business trends, ASEAN development and policy and social media.
Travel: 5 things you must see in Phnom Penh


Only have a day or two in Phnom Penh before heading out to the next destination? Have no fear. The best things the capital...

Infographic: US students in East Asia


The graphic shows the distribution of American students in various countries in East Asia

Infographic: Female education in Southeast Asia


Women are still deprived of equal access to education in Southeast Asia, even if compared to other parts of the developing world the education...

Infographic: Mobile access in Myanmar


One of the least-connected countries in the world hopes to finally bring technological modernity to its citizens. With cheaper SIM cards and two new...

Travel Trends: Cambodia’s beaches


In the 1990s, many foreigners would have not imagined visiting conflict-stricken Cambodia, especially for a beach vacation. Fast forward to 2012 - and 3.5...

Modern day slavery in Southeast Asia: Thailand and Cambodia


Many in Western, developed nations believe that slavery has been long abolished. In reality it is a thriving multi-billion dollar industry — some estimate...


Retiring in Southeast Asia has become a viable option for Westerners hitting the 50 plus age bracket. In 2010, the New York Times estimated...


For generations born after the Vietnam War (1954-75), the dominant source of information about that war comes from popular culture. There are novels, music,...


The small landlocked ASEAN nation of Laos is increasingly becoming popular with travellers. International arrivals in Laos soared 22 per cent in 2012, hitting...

The downside to foreign presence in Cambodia


Cambodia has undergone magnificent economic transformation in recent years despite a tumultuous history characterised by French colonisation, the extended Vietnam war, the following brutal...