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Navonil Roy

Venture development, innovation, digital, consumer understanding and branding are areas of Navonil’s expertise. His experiences over 18 years have covered multiple industries such as telecom, media, consumer goods and services, and he has executed projects across India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and the UK. Over the years, Navonil has branded airports, launched television channels and online video portals, led new product development in food and skin care, scaled up branded content and consulting services, produced reality television and introduced new business models. His work has won multiple industry awards for innovation and business impact and he has spoken at a range of industry events. He is quoted extensively in various media. Beyond work, his other interests include writing screen saver poetry, pondering on human potential over museum visits and watching award winning movies.


The butterfly effect was first coined in the 1952 short story “A Sound of Thunder” (Collier’s, 1952)...

How Softbank Could Have Created Real Economic Value


Navonil Roy The SoftBank playbook for its Vision Fund has been mainly focused on investments in digital service...

Making ASEAN businesses happen


In journalist and political circles lately there has been a lot of buzz over the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The opportunity has...

How Softbank Vision Fund Could Have Created Real Economic Value


The recent acquisition of WhatsApp at $19 billion has got valuations of digital companies into the conversation topics of most corporate folks. Most recently,...

Understanding digital disruptions


Impact on many industries is huge, says expert Navonil Roy