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Steve Troop

On graduation from Cambridge University in 1979, Steve first joined HSBC and has worked extensively in the Asia-Pacific region, most of the GCC countries, South America and Europe. In 2007 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer at Saudi Hollandi Bank and subsequently joined Barwa Bank in September 2010. Steve has spent more than three decades in leadership roles in the financial services industry and has far-reaching international experience in retail and branch banking, corporate lending and relationship management, investment banking, insurance, operations and support services.
CEO Steve Troop Sm


Outlook remains very positive, finds Barwa Bank CEO Steve Troop

CEO Steve Troop Sm


Steve Troop, CEO of Barwa Bank, about GCC investors' response


Forecast from Steve Troop, CEO of Barwa Bank, Qatar Heading one of the fastest growing Islamic banks in Qatar, Steve Troop, CEO of Barwa Bank,...