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Tony Herbosa

Antonio "Tony" Herbosa is currently the Managing Director for Consulting at the Center for Global Best Practices.  He has 20 years' experience in corporate finance, having set up the Corporate Finance practice of Ernst & Young Manila in 2001, subsequently managing it for six years. Tony is also well entrenched in Philippine investment banking and capital markets having packaged and completed various transactions for clients in various stints, including IPOs and debt syndications as President & CEO of PNB Capital & Investment Corporation.


It is very easy to bash President Aquino (PNoY) now given the surprising rise of a solid protest vote in the May 9 Philippine...

The 10 billion peso pork barrel scam & why Janet Napoles could have been our relative


There is something more that meets the eye concerning this alleged 10-billion-peso pork barrel scam than what has been said or alluded to in...

President Aquino’s lengthy SONA


As long as the problems faced by the Philippines? The level of domestic curiosity and interest on this particular SONA of President Aquino was unprecedented....

Can the Philippines become an ASEAN manufacturing hub?


A recent Investvine article on the Philippines as a manufacturing base actually brought back vivid Dickensian memories. I knew from past discussions with key government...

President Aquino an unlikely Esquire coverboy


As a Filipino, I never once envisioned PNoy, the nickname given to President Benigno Aquino III, on the cover of Esquire Philippines anymore than...

PSEi: Time to buy or bail out?


Perhaps unnoticed by most pundits, the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) suffered one of its worst weekly bloodbaths right after Rolls-Royce celebrated the opening...

The Philippines’ “New Economy”


The Philippines used to be referred to as a basket case in Asia. Now it is more apparent that the Philippines is a market...