Contributors’ Guidelines

Contributors’ Guidelines

Investvine, one of Southeast Asia’s leading news portals, invite writers and bloggers to contribute to this page. If you are interested, please see the contributors’ guidelines below.


Contributors’ Guidelines

Investvine readers are looking for an independent voice in Southeast Asia that closes the information gap by providing intelligent business-related news – a source outside of the region’s traditionally controlled media. While influential business executives are in our network of readers, our audience isn’t necessary business savvy. We speak to and for the emerging youth and entrepreneurs of the region, and aim to keep them as equally informed as business leaders through informed, provocative, surprising and presentable news coverage.

Thus, the ideal Investvine article will stay clear of overly technical language, long-winded and tangential rants, or narrow viewpoints. Instead, we prize balanced journalism that looks into multiple sides of the story; we value broad-based analysis and reporting.

An article isn’t just a series of static words and numbers – it should come to life through a cocktail of your own wit and observation, as well as the words of insightful interviewees.

Writers with a specialisation or common interest in Southeast Asia are invited to contribute, but please make pitches within our parameters – the 7 Commandments – given below:

  1. Read the website. In order to get a better understanding of the content strategy we employ, read through the website, taking note of the main topics we cover.
  1. Research, research, research. We live in the era of information – there is no lack of it today. But true journalistic value comes from learning to curate and edit what factoids and figures will be relevant to our readers. The rest is noise.
  1. Go beyond one voice. So you have a witty writing style? Great. But excellent news coverage comes from an amalgamation of voices across diverse and competing spectrums. Use as many as possible to cover the story.
  1. Don’t plagiarise. All sources should come from original reporting, or directly site the secondary source of origin. If you opt for the latter, then please provide a hyperlink.
  1. Stay away from technical language. Industry jargon may work for the boardroom, but if you use the same terms when speaking to a large international audience, you will distract readers. That being said, we welcome the introduction of new or little known terms – if they are relevant and knowledgeably explained.
  1. Give us your bio. Especially for first-time contributors. And please – nothing over 50 words, which syncs up with your topic(s). There you can also include links to blogs/books, your email and twitter account – if you care to have or use those things.
  1. Have a soul. Finally, find a way to put passion into the business world. This could be the hardest part – but if you are excited about finding why something “here” needs to be known “there,” then you will have succeeded in style, and more.


We welcome opinion articles covering business trends and political events in Southeast Asia. This is, however, not a carte blanche invitation to submit a rant or blatant promotional piece. Opinions can carry your own voice, write and – if summoned with well-placed yet entertaining provocation – outrage. They should still maintain the above guidelines, including a quote from reliable secondary or primary sources.







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