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Business News

Business News

News about trade, finance, investment trends and issues.

Thailand To Build Its Own Electric Cars

Energy Absolute, Thailand’s second-largest electricity generating company by market capitalisation owned by Thai billionaire Somphote Ahunai, plans to...
Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam big winners in Doing Business ranking

Brunei, Indonesia and Vietnam jumped the most among countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) in the new Doing Business 2017 ranking...
Startups set to spur new economic model for Thailand

Thailand in its aim to embark on a innovation- and smart service-based economic model, dubbed "Thailand 4.0", is now set to boost the number...
Cambodia PM’s opaque business network exposed

Hun Sen, Cambodia's Prime Minister for more than 30 years, and his extended family are in the center of a businesses network that owns...

Marketing is constantly evolving thanks to the real time web which means that the Chief Marketing Officer’s job will be changing at breakneck speed....
APEC Summit – Day 1 Highlights

As day one of the APEC summit being held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines wraps up we take a look at some...
The app revolution in business management

Software applications have not only become an integral part of our personal lives, they are also becoming increasingly important for business planning. Companies like...
Brunei to boost finance sector by launching its own stock exchange

Brunei Darussalam could soon drop off the global list of countries without a stock exchange, where it currently appears together with Cuba, Afghanistan, North...
Our Series: Ethics in Business – ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Fair Game’ – Who benefits, really?

A conversation with Dr. Rebecca Sta Maria, Secretary General, MITI
Ethics in Business  –  With whom does the heartbeat of a nation lie?  – Part 1

Views of the Chief Secretary to Malaysia's government. Part 2
Doha bank CEO on being a global player

Inside Investor sat down with Doha Bank Group Chief Executive Officer R. Seetharaman to hear more about the development plans for his institution. Q: Doha...

Where is the education for narcissistic leaders?

Is Dubai today operating the same business model as it did pre-2010? What has changed? Has ethics a place in investment in Dubai? Dr. Belaid Rettab, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shares his views.

Tan Sri Yong Poh Kon, prominent Malaysian businessman and adviser of the government, shares his views on business ethics in Malaysia and how better practices could be instituted.

Is Islamic Finance truly servicing the needs of humanity? Daud Vicary Abdullah, the President and CEO of INCEIF, the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance, shares his views.

Datuk Nicholas Zefferys, a prominent figure in Malaysia's business circles, provides his insights on how businesses are conducted and how he evaluates the general role of ethics in business in the US.

What role does ethics play in business and what should it entail? Questions that our columnist Firoz Abdul Hamid is seeking to answer in her new column on Investvine.