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Ten amazing Filipino comfort food restaurants in Metro Manila By Jeremiah Capacillo
Malaysians Are Southeast Asia’s Fattest, But Vietnam Is Catching Up Fast

Source: WHO The number of overweight and obese people is rising in Southeast Asia, with Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore...
Cloud Kitchens A New Food Delivery Concept For Southeast Asia

A new concept of food delivery is picking up traction in Southeast Asia: Delivery-only kitchens, or so-called...
Relaxed Working Spots: The Ten Best Coffices In Makati City

Holding office in a coffee shop, aka a “coffice”, is a great way to filter out the distractions of home and boost...
Thailand Is World’s Largest Durian Exporter

Thailand was the world’s largest durian exporter in the first half of this year thanks to free trade...
Thailand Gets First Foodtech Startup Accelerator

Thailand, known for its delicious food and diverse restaurant scene, has been chosen by US-based workspace and...
Brunei’s “agripreneurs” Boost Agricultural Output By 13%

Brunei’s gross agriculture output has increased by $56.65 million to $436.30 million, or around 13 per cent,...
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One destination for Muslim visitors: Night food market in Hat Yai, southern Thailand © Arno Maierbrugger Thailand...
Dry Weather Causes Mango Overflow In The Philippines

The Philippines is overflowing with about two million kilos of unwanted mangoes after a hot weather patch...
Malaysia’s New Attraction: Durian Tourism

Malaysia, well known as a country with delicious durian fruits, now plans to go big on durian tourism, Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister...
Indonesia’s “smart Kiosk” Startup Raises More Funds To Digitise Street Vendors

Indonesian micro-retail tech startup Warung Pintar (“smart kiosk”) has secured new funding of $27.5 million in a Series B round participated by its existing...
Singapore seeks UNESCO status for hawker centers – Malaysians not amused

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his speech at the republic's National Day Rally on August 19 said that the city state will...
Durian crisis in Malaysia: Prices for the fruit fall as low as to RM1

Durian prices have dropped dramatically in Malaysia due to an oversupply caused by hot weather, vendors say. Reports came in from markets in Kedah...
Ramadan’s over: A stroll through Brunei’s Gadong Night Market

Among the remarkably plentiful sights to see in Brunei is one place everybody who is interested in Asian food and/or authentic local markets shouid...
Singapore, Makati, Bangkok: Highest cost of living in Southeast Asia

The 2018 Cost of Living Index compiled by crowd-sourced global database Numbeo ranked Singapore, Makati and Bangkok as the three cities with the highest...
Jakarta startup digitises street vendors with WiFi, smart tech

An initiative by private investors in Indonesia aims at beefing up the kiosks of street vendors in Jakarta with smart technology and WiFi connections...
Vietnam to cooperate with Qatar in food security

Vietnam and Qatar have decided to work closer in the field of food security as the Middle East country is looking for new import...
Singapore hits back at “boring” classification with witty video

The Singapore Tourism Board posted a response to a city ranking by travel guide magazine Time Out which placed the city as second-most boring...