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Cambodia stops shady breast milk export business by US firm

Cambodian authorities have stopped a Utah, US-based company with the peculiar name of Ambrosia Labs from selling human breast milk harvested from women in...
Bangkok to get well-deserved Michelin guide

Thailand is the next Southeast Asian country after Singapore to be discovered by renowned food bible Michelin. Reports say that the French restaurant critics...
Vinacafé the next mega-IPO in Vietnam

Vietnam National Coffee Corporation, the nation’s largest state-owned coffee producer known for its Vinacafé brand, is planning an initial public offering (IPO) next year...
Thai government earmarks $3.6 billion for rice support scheme

The Thai military government will use a total of 127 billion baht ($3.62 billion) for loans and subsidies for rice farmers suffering from the...
How Muslim integration can work in Thailand

Thailand is known for a decade-long violent insurgency in its Muslim south, and news about attacks and bombings from there are normally not exactly...
The North Korean gourmet experience

The day before North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shot another few ballistic missiles over the Sea of Japan on July 19 in what, his...
Singapore hawkers get Michelin award

Singapore street food stalls have been singled out by the Michelin Guide, the most influential international restaurant guide, for their food excellence. Seventeen hawkers were...

Vietnam, the largest market for beer in Southeast Asia, is increasingly attracting foreign brewers even though the country already has a sizeable number of...
Ten mistakes foreigners make in Thai restaurants

This is an observation, not a rant. With this year's second high tourist season from now into December in Thailand starting, incidents of mild...
Beware of dog food: The great dog meat debate howls on

An annual dog meat-eating festival held in a remote part of southern China has once again sparked an international outcry, with a petition to...
Philippine retailers show halal interest

Investvine Special Research The economic spirit of halal With a current global value of $2.77 trillion, the halal food market serves more than just the 1.8...

A chicken takeaway restaurant in Thailand that used to call itself "Hitler" and displayed the German Nazi leader's portrait in a way resembling the...

The Far East has long been known as a place where the boundaries of food aesthetics are regularly tested. Justin Calderon took a gourmet journey across the region and gulped down the weirdest dishes.