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Breaking news on the region’s latest developments

Southeast Asia’s vaccine rollout has officially begun.

Top Glove, the world’s largest manufacturer of latex gloves, is currently weathering a critical challenge. In late March 2021, the US Customs and Border Protection ordered the seizure of all Top Glove products in the United States, accusing the company of using forced labour and exploiting its workers.

“You know there was a Harvard University study...
APEC Summit – Day 1 Highlights

As day one of the APEC summit being held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines wraps up we take a look at some...
Old School New School: Anatomy of a Lecture

From Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose, California, Dr. Deborah Snyder and John Duhring, authors of a new higher education series in advance of...

Dubai is utilising the best expertise to realise its vision of a smart city that will transform it into a knowledge-based, diversified economy, explains...
The app revolution in business management

Software applications have not only become an integral part of our personal lives, they are also becoming increasingly important for business planning. Companies like...

Malaysian businesses are learning a thing or two from the collaborative power of co-working spaces, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which have the...

Imran Saddique sat down for a quick-fire interview on the start-up ecosystem in Indonesia with the CEO of Indosat, Alexander Rusli. Rusli is no...
The demise of Malaysia Airlines (Infographic)

With the termination letters for all Malaysia Airline employees now to be delivered on June 1, we take a look through an infographic at...

According to a recently released report by the United Nations on the world economic situation and its prospects in 2015, the world economy continues...
Malaysia Airlines to terminate entire workforce (except 1)

Troubled national carrier will begin the process of sacking its entire workforce via termination letters, to be sent out this Wednesday. The airliner will...
Thailand: New generation of farmers transform agriculture

In Thailand, a new and young generation of farmers has set itself the goal to transform agriculture into an innovative and profitable industry by...
Malaysia’s ASEAN chair in 2015 to be ‘challenging’

Malaysia continues to top the list of foreign tourist arrivals, however, upon closer examination of the numbers, are they making the most of these...
Businessman from the Philippines tops the 10 richest in ASEAN list 2015

While tycoons from China and India dominate the richest in Asia list, these 10 billionaires will find solace in topping the regional list in...
Malaysia under fire for controversial anti-terror and sedition laws

The Malaysian parliament in the early hours of April 10 after a record 14+ hour debate pushed through a revised law that includes online...
Silicon Valley venture fund seeks Middle East capital for startups

A new venture fund, the Fenox Global Fund IV, seeks to invest $100 million in seed, Series A and pre-IPO funding throughout the US,...
Pakistan mulls smart cities to tackle infrastructure challenges

As Pakistan continues to face challenges in urban efficiency, IT experts proposed setting up smart cities to improve civic infrastructure and highlight technologies the...