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UN: Philippine GDP growth seen at 6.2% in 2014

A new report by the United Nations, the UN World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014 (WESP) report, expects the Philippine GDP growth to slow...
Indonesia aims at 15% more foreign investment

Indonesia on January 21 set an ambitious target of attracting 15 per cent more foreign investment in 2014 than in 2013, a challenging goal...
Singaporeans could face higher wealth taxes

Singapore could see higher taxes on cars, property and possibly personal income as the issue is on the agenda of February's budget meeting that...
Indonesia investment expected to slow in 2014

Indonesia expects investment to slow in 2014, as companies may hold off during an election year, providing less stimulus to an economy grappling with...
Myanmar spent 29% of budget for the army

Myanmar, in its 2012-13 fiscal year, has spent 29 per cent of its entire budget for the defense forces, while the education sector received...
Thailand’s default risk soars

The risk of Thailand defaulting on its debt is the highest since August 2013 as anti-government protests prompt money managers to sell the country's...
Singapore home sales collapsed in December

Private home sales in Singapore - one of the world's most expensive property markets - fell more than 80 per cent year-on-year in December...
Concern over strong Thai baht grows

Thailand's currency, the baht, has risen to its highest level against the US dollar since being floated in July 1997, stirring market concerns over...
Indonesia to cut 3 zeros off the rupiah

The Indonesian government has announced plans to redenominate its currency and to reduce the number of zeros on the rupiah by three beginning...