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Inequality is a section of Politics on
IMF urges Myanmar to focus on poverty reduction

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged Myanmar to "urgently prioritise" tackling widespread poverty. "As Myanmar opens up and expands, it needs the structural foundations...
Group farming a way out of poverty (video)video

Lo Thi Tiep, 28, lives with her husband and two kids in a mud thatch house in Bung Lao commune, Dien Bien Province in...
Nationwide strikes in Indonesia for higher salaries

Workers across Indonesia have begun a two-day strike demanding higher salaries, the latest industrial action to hit the South East Asian economy, BBC reported. The...
Worldwide concerns over Thailand’s overlooked slavery issue

“I saw others beaten with different instruments, with things like a wooden rod or things like that… the senior crew attacked workers with knives....
OECD takes Philippine hype down a peg

The Paris-based Organisation of Economic Cooperation and the Development, a rich club of nations, has reported that the Philippines – despite its unexpectedly high...