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Tech and Education

Tech and Education

Advances in tech and academia, start up news

Foreign startup founders flock to Vietnam

Vietnam’s vibrant startup scene is not only fostering a new class of domestic entrepreneurs, it is also attracting a growing number of foreigners who...
Singapore chosen for one of Alibaba’s new global R&D locations

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will open a new lab facility in Singapore as one of the seven centers announced by the company’s executive chairman...
Three ASEAN countries among top-50 innovative nations globally

Just three countries from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, made it in the top-50 of this year's Global Innovation Index, published...
Brain drain from Southeast Asia growing constraint for economic growth

Young well educated people leaving their home countries in Southeast Asia to pursue a better career in a well-salaried job in richer countries of...
Vietnam sees Digital India as role model for IT development

Vietnam seeks to deploy India's model for a digital economy in order to boost its own information technology landscape. This will be done through...
Jack Ma becomes digital economy adviser for Malaysia

The founder and executive chairman of China's hugely successful e-commerce corporation Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, has been appointed advisor to the Malaysian government to...

Innovation and disruptive thinking have a long tradition in the US, and in most cases this also inspires people in other parts of the...
Cambodia, Indonesia near bottom of world talent index

Cambodia and Indonesia are the Southeast Asian nations among the worst countries in the world for growing, nurturing and retaining talent, according to the...
Vietnam to replicate Israel in becoming “start-up nation” by 2020

The Vietnam government has ambitious plans to transform the country into a "start-up nation" in the next four years, replicating the success of Israel...
Startups set to spur new economic model for Thailand

Thailand in its aim to embark on a innovation- and smart service-based economic model, dubbed "Thailand 4.0", is now set to boost the number...
Pakistan mulls smart cities to tackle infrastructure challenges

As Pakistan continues to face challenges in urban efficiency, IT experts proposed setting up smart cities to improve civic infrastructure and highlight technologies the...