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Biz Bits

Biz Bits

Biz bits is a section of Voices on With ASEAN becoming more and more competitive, companies need to beef up their capabilities in executing their business strategies. New, modern tools for collaborative business planning can provide the competitive edge and bring business execution to a new level. Investvine takes a look at new, effective planning tools and strategies

Top Glove, the world’s largest manufacturer of latex gloves, is currently weathering a critical challenge. In late March 2021, the US Customs and Border Protection ordered the seizure of all Top Glove products in the United States, accusing the company of using forced labour and exploiting its workers.

“You know there was a Harvard University study...
How Softbank Could Have Created Real Economic Value

Navonil Roy The SoftBank playbook for its Vision Fund has been mainly focused on investments in digital service...
Setting up shop in the Philippines

Multinational corporations (MNCs) are finding it increasingly harder to survive in an evermore competitive global economy. The challenges decision makers of the world’s leading...
Modeling is a way of business in real estate

This is the first in a series of blogs in my Real Estate Operational Performance Series, where I will discuss the benefits of modeling...
How to invest in Philippine property: A guide for foreigners, expats and OFWs

Acquiring property in the Philippines, whether it’s a completed condominium or an off-plan unit, is fairly straightforward for foreigners and expats. You just need...

In my second post of the tips for financial planners series, I discussed three ways financial planners can create precise and accurate forecasts. In...

In my first post in the top tips for financial planners series, I explored why a budgeting and planning solution is key to financial...

2016 has already been a busy (and sleepless) time for CFOs in Asia and around the world as they finalize their budget plans for...
Making ASEAN businesses happen

In journalist and political circles lately there has been a lot of buzz over the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The opportunity has...
Another $90 million in funding for “Excel-killer” Anaplan

Cloud financial planning pioneer Anaplan, which is currently on an expansion drive in Asia-Pacific, on January 14 announced a new funding round of $90...

GETTING FAMILIAR WITH INVESTING Saving alone, no longer helps in achieving one’s personal monetary goals such as saving up for tuition, going on a family vacation...