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Why the Philippine government’s failure to understand their people results in poor adherence to social distancing. By Jeremiah Capacillo

On the search for your special someone, remember to look in the mirror first By Allyza Quirante
Make Pkbn Or The National Service Program In Brunei Compulsory

With “job choosiness”, “lack of training” and “poor working ethics” identified as possible...
The Race Of Our Lives: Thoughts On A Manila Grand Prix

A Manila Grand Prix would be a dream. But first, better sewage, right? The most tantalising news in the past couple of weeks has got...
Change in Malaysia – Please, just fix the saddle!

Reform – Separation of Executive - Legislative and Judiciary. These are some of the current buzz words in our political discourse in Malaysia these...
Health sector challenges for the new government

A friend from United Kingdom was mocking my friends and me on the eve of our 14th general elections, saying sarcastically that we Malaysians...
Suu Kyi to get prime minister-like role in Myanmar government

Aung San Suu Kyi, a recent recipient of the Harvard humanitarian of the year award and a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1991 in...
Battle for strategic supremacy in East Asia: Who will win?

Simmering tensions in the South China Sea have reached a state of uneasiness as of late. Long-standing territorial disputes between China and several regional...

It is very easy to bash President Aquino (PNoY) now given the surprising rise of a solid protest vote in the May 9 Philippine...
Lessons from the cold in Bangkok

It shouldn’t be that cold in Bangkok. Well, let’s say “cold.” Yesterday night it was around 16°C (61°F) on the mercury combined with a relatively...
Making ASEAN businesses happen

In journalist and political circles lately there has been a lot of buzz over the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The opportunity has...
ASEAN students discuss Myanmar’s future role

In light of Myanmar's recent historic elections, the newly formed London School of Economics Student's Union (LSESU) ASEAN Society screened the movie "The Lady"...
Step into the future of higher education

From Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose, California, Dr. Deborah Snyder and John Duhring, authors of a new higher education series in advance of...
Old School New School: Anatomy of a Lecture

From Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose, California, Dr. Deborah Snyder and John Duhring, authors of a new higher education series in advance of...
Brunei Tourism – A sad ‘state’ of affairs

I'm not in a state of grace. It's something far far loonier. I'm a terrible case; see the lines on my face? In in...

Start with the best of intentions. By Mickey McManus "What if we could put the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the hands of many...
Reopening of US naval base in Philippines could fuel South China Sea row

The Philippine government on July 16 announced that it will revive a US-built deep-water naval base in Subic Bay, marking the return of military...
Worst-ever smartphone ad spotted in Manila

Dear Mr. Wayne Chi, CEO of KingCom Philippines, We believe that you are selling great smartphones and your company is certainly good in marketing them,...