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Brunei Enterprise organises first-ever entrepreneurship conference in London

Bruneian local students in the UK got a chance to present their ideas in Google Campus London in the first ever Bruneian-held Entrepreneurship Conference...
Sustainability in Islamic economy

It’s amazing how little we actually focus on ‘people’ in business in spite of the fact that it is people who make everything happen....
Moments of truth reveal true face of a leader

Prof. G. 'Anand' Anandalingam in a conversation on business ethics
Taxi business needs more competition in Brunei

After reading about a taxi driver pleading to have the government curb “illegal” taxi drivers in this local article, I am tempted to say...
Sustainability in Islamic economy

In my earlier article on “Sustainability in the Islamic Economy” I highlighted the key missing aspect of sustainability and how it has to be from ground-up. There...

Joy Abdullah on dual industries of Islamic finance and halal
Are hearts dead?

A conversation on Ethics in Business with Mukesh Kapila, humanitarian
PISA results highlight urgent need for education push in ASEAN

The latest global student survey of the Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, issued last week, has not been all too flattering for...
Push for Islamic finance in ASEAN to lure Gulf investors

There have been moves recently to strengthen Islamic finance in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, which were spearheaded by the country...
A nation’s inability to transform

Analysis: Thailand is overchallenged with socio-economic changes
Push for Islamic Finance needed in Brunei

Brunei, although it has a small banking market, is still somehow underestimating the potential of Islamic finance as incentives to set up Shariah banking...
Brunei’s brain drain revised

The debate on Brunei’s brain drain has again hit a feverish pitch since Hardware Zone published a post entitled “Very severe brain drain as...
Malaysia’s creative tourism numbers

The Malaysian government has recently launched the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign in a bid to lure higher numbers of tourists from abroad. Technically, with...
Thailand will have to bring its mess in order

The meanwhile violent protests in Thai capital Bangkok have once more shown the political volatility of the kingdom and the suboptimal government strategies to...
Concerns about quality of young doctors in Malaysiavideo

Follow the panel of KPJ Healthcare's medical convention
Window of opportunity for Royal Brunei

Royal Brunei Airlines has always been quite a small player in Asia’s airline industry, but things seem to change now. With the advent of...
Brunei’s next opportunity: The pharma industry

The project to transform Brunei’s economy away from hydrocarbons is being fuelled by a new idea: Brunei could become a partner of the pharmaceutical...
Singapore will be Asia’s new LNG trading hub

The small city-state of Singapore is on the verge to become Asia’s new trading hub for liquefied natural gas, and this will be crucial...