Dubai Report_NLDubai’s Next Ace: Becoming the scholar of smart cities 2015/16

50 page report Investvine takes a comprehensive look at this ambitious vision through interviews with the leaders spearheading its founding strategic initiatives, as well as renowned experts in the revolutionary technology necessary to make such bold urban transformation possible, such as Big Data, open data platforms, Internet of Things, self-driving vehicles and intellectual infrastructure conducive to entrepreneurialism. Interviews for this report include H.E. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, the UAE’s Minister of Economy; Dubai Smart Government Director-General H.E. Ahmad bin HumaidanAndreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist at, who now lectures at Stanford University and advises firms such as Alibaba, Goldman Sachs, Lufthansa, SAP, Thomson Reuters, as well as the World Economic Forum; Nina Curley, Managing Director of Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi; Mickey McManus, principal of MAYA Design and co-author of Trillions, a breakthrough work on the evolution of the Internet of Things; Dr. Ryan Chin, Managing Director at the City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab; Dave McClure, CEO and founder of 500 Startups of San Francisco; and Ken Singer, Managing Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship at the University of California in Berkeley.

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Inside Brunei 2013/14

18 Page report covering Overview & Development, Oil & Gas, Halal Industry, Education and Banking & Finance.

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Inside Malaysia 2013/14

32 Page report covering Overview & Development, Islamic Finance, Halal Industry, Industrial Development & Energy, Hydro-Carbons & Energy, Education, Healthcare, Innovation, Manufacturing & Tourism

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Regional Reports


Inside ASEAN 2013/14, a comprehensive 280 page updated overview on investment opportunities in the ten-member bloc of ASEAN which includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines.

The report covers a large number of sectors including financial services, agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing and industry, tourism, energy, education, innovation and start-ups, real estate and others, as well as special topics such as Islamic finance and halal industry as well as the BPO industry in the Philippines.

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Inside MENA 2013 is a 288 page report analyses the Middle East and North Africa region that has had its fair share of political and economic problems over the past years. Due to its diversity and mixed fortunes, forecasts are rather hard to give. But things have brightened lately. The global economic outlook looks more downbeat as global economies struggle with low real GDP growth. However, the prospects for the MENA region have slightly brightened due to higher oil prices and increased government spending in most countries.

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Inside ASEAN 2012

The INSIDE ASEAN 2012 report, is a comprehensive 644-page guide on the investment opportunities in ASEAN countries.

The report features in-depth overviews on key industries and analyses on major economic and infrastructural developments inside the region along with interviews of prominent personalities from the public and private sector. It has been compiled by experienced researchers and journalists over months to help investors identify opportunities in the state in various field such as Manufacturing and Industry, Technology and Innovation, Energy and Resources, Tourism and Hospitality and also features case studies and a doing business guide.

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Country Reports


Inside Brunei 2013/14

18 Page report covering Overview & Development, Oil & Gas, Halal Industry, Education and Banking & Finance.

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Inside Indonesia 2013/14

22 page report covering, Overview & Development, Palm Oil & Timber Industries, Manufacturing, Mining, Islamic Finance, Geothermal Energy & Tourism

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Inside Philippines 2013/14

30 page report covering Overview & Development, Infrastructure Projects & PPP, BPO Industry, Energy Supply, Agriculture Reforms, Tourism Projects & Manufacturing.

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Inside Singapore 2013 overview

Singapore’s economy somehow has experienced a roller coaster ride over the past quarters. While the country at the end of 2012 technically dropped into recession, the following quarters in 2013 showed a slight recovery. GDP growth in 2014 is forecast at 3.5 per cent compared with 2.6 per cent in 2013, driven by the recovery in manufacturing and strong construction. The shift from a growth model reliant on the size of the labor force to a model that emphasizes productivity poses a key challenge
“Our economy is holding steady amidst global uncertainties. We are attracting more quality investments. Unemployment remains low,” Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said.

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