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3D printing

Myanmar farmers enter modern age with 3D printing technology

Farmers in Myanmar, notoriously under-equipped with agricultural tools, made a virtue out of necessity of deploying 3D printing technology to create bespoke parts the...
Singapore’s science and technology sector to get a boost

Singapore's science and technology sector will be supported with three new programmes and funding of around $3o0 million, according to a government announcement on...
3D printed fashion becoming popular in ASEAN

Kuala Lumpur recently was the stage of Asia's very first 3D printed fashion show - a new trend that combines 3D printing with fashion...
3D printing of bones can reduce hospital costs

In what could have a tremendous cost-saving effect especially for hospitals in emerging countries, medics are now experimenting with new ways of healing broken...
Benefiting from big data

Individuals are benefiting from the new cost structures associated with big data, as more data is widely available for free or at little cost, it turned out at the Economist's Information Forum 2013 conference held in San Francisco on June 4, 2013.
Business speed: How does technology change?

Fundamental technological shifts redefining business in the 21st century were the focus of the Ideas Economy: Innovation Forum 2013 held in Berkeley, California.
Singapore sees future in 3D printing

Facing a slowdown in its electronics manufacturing sector, Singapore has decided to invest heavily into the 3D printing sector to convert the city state...