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Myanmar’s state telecom to enter price war with Ooredoo

Myanmar's state-owned telecom operator Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) is planning to reduce its local calling rates per minute, according to sources from the Ministry of...
Ooredoo sells 1 million SIM cards in Myanmar, but users complain

Ooredoo Myanmar has sold more than 1 million SIM cards since the soft launch of its service here early in August, though technicians at...
Thailand’s internet users set to double

Far from being a land of ascetic Buddhist norms, today Thailand is one of the most connected countries in the region. As of July...
Telenor to launch mobile network in Myanmar by 2014

Norway's Telenor Group, one of the two companies that won a mobile phone license in Myanmar, said in a release on July that it...
Thai Monks With Mobile Phones

After years of delays due to political and financial inertia, the newly appointed board of Thailand’s state-owned TOT Public Company Ltd has set a...