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Survey: Asia-Pacific’s homegrown brands growing to regional giants

A new ranking by market researcher Nielsen and marketing network Campaign Asia Pacific, called Asia’s Top 1000 brands and released last week, gave insights...
Vietnam sees 2014 trade surplus of $1.5 billion on stronger exports

Growth in exports driven by manufacturing could give Vietnam a trade surplus of $1.5 billion this year, far surpassing its forecast of $500 million...
Indonesian clothing company in expansion drive

Publicly listed Indonesian garment manufacturer Pan Brothers has prepared $70 million for a massive three-year expansion to help the company tap the potential of...
Indonesia pushes Central Java as Asian low-cost manufacturing hub

The sleepy province of Central Java, which has long been the heartland of a Javanese culture that frowned on aggressive profit-seeking, is trying to...
Cambodia stock exchange gets second listing

The number of companies on Cambodia's stock exchange doubled on June 16 - to two. The debut by a Taiwan garment maker is an...
Mass faintings at Cambodian garment factories

Mass faintings involving hundreds of people have occurred at least twice this week at factories in Cambodia, where workers who make popular sportswear fell...
Foreign garment investments flow into Vietnam

Many large foreign firms have entered Vietnam's garment and textile sector with an eye on export opportunities the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is expected to...
Vietnam vows to cut software piracy to 70%

The Vietnam government with the help of international organisations has vowed to fight more intensely against software piracy in the country. The software piracy...

The Cambodian Center for Human Rights has put a map of garment factories operating in Cambodia and their supply chains on the Internet. The map...

China’s manufacturing dominance is becoming increasingly undermined by the rising fortunes of its smaller ASEAN-member neighbours. But not only manufacturing, also investments are moving south.