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Advanced Info Service

The second- and third-largest telecom operators in Thailand, True Corporation and Total Access Communication (DTAC), are exploring a merger which could form a new...
Thai protesters target Shinawatra firms, shares drop

In a strategy to hurt the rich Shinawatra family where is probably hurts most, anti-government protesters in Thailand have resorted to rally at buildings...
Thai unrest thwarts Temasek’s business plans

The plan of Singapore's state investment holding Temasek to sell its shares in Thailand's Shin Corporation, which has been acquired from the family of...
Thai companies post record sales

Thai companies were hitting record highs in sales of $339 billion in 2012 and showed a 15.67 per cent growth in net profits compared...
Thai Monks With Mobile Phones

After years of delays due to political and financial inertia, the newly appointed board of Thailand’s state-owned TOT Public Company Ltd has set a...