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Affordable housing

Myanmar housing market cooled down

Yangon’s property market finally cooled down in 2016 from a peak that began to ease in 2014 as a result of changing government policies. During...
Malaysia 2016 budget: Taxes up for the rich, higher minimum wage

Embattled Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled a proposed 2016 national budget on October 23 that delivers benefits for the poor while raising taxes...
Cheap housing tops Malaysia Budget 2015 wish list

More affordable housing tops the list of what the people in Malaysia anticipate for Budget 2015. Suggestions put forward by Malaysians on social media...
Affordable housing the latest trend in Dubai

While much of Dubai property’s ongoing upturn has been built on premium and super-luxury properties, demand for “affordable developments” is now increasing. Recently, a...
Oman mulls real estate price index

The newly formed Oman Real Estate Association (OREA) has strongly advocated the introduction of a Real Estate Price Index aimed at injecting stability, transparency...